The Essential Guide to Kindergarten in India

What children learn in school is important, but what about the time before school? That’s where the role of kindergarten comes in.

Kindergarten is a German term meaning ‘garden for children.’ It was started in Germany and France in the late 18th century. Intended to prepare children for move from home to school, it was first seen as an early education approach. It involved activities such as playing, singing, drawing and social interaction. Today, the term refers to many institutions that teach children ages 3–6, with a variety of approaches.

The terms preschool and kindergarten are often used interchangeably depending on the country. However, a preschool may refer to any institution for children too young to go to school. Often, in India, these only apply to children ages 2–4. A kindergarten is a specialized institute with educational programs for children ages 3–6. It is seen as the first step to formal education. Many schools have a kindergarten level for children to start at.

Around the world, countries have different standards for kindergartens. School entry age varies from country to country. Most of these start at age 4 and have different names. Most do not consider it compulsory.

Importance of Kindergarten

  1. How to learn: Kindergarten teaches children to understand learning as something fun. Instead of being stressed the first time they’re in a classroom, they enjoy the experience.
  2. Social interaction: At home, children have little chance to see anyone their own age. Kindergarten teaches them to develop social skills. They learn to open up, share, and make friends.
  3. Creativity: Kindergarten is where children learn free expression and creative ways to learn. They can later apply these methods when they reach higher grades.
  4. Preparing for higher grades: Kindergarten helps children ease the transition from home to school. At home, they’re not used to paying attention to other adults. They learn structures and routines. Children also learn the basics for further grades.
  5. Future success: Going to a great kindergarten can have a huge impact on your child’s future success. From going to college to how much they earn, early education has a big role to play.

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